This lens, Called Fish Eye Lens, gives us an extremely large viewing angle of 180 ° or more. It is much assimilated to a wide-angle lens and because of its distortion gives us an almost spherical image. The images obtained with this type of lens create, as a result, a super creative, unique and fun effect.

There are mainly two classes of fisheye lenses.

• Those spanning the entire surface of the exposition, forming rectangular images.

• Those forming circular images.

Circular fish lenses are at the extreme. And by their great distortion transform the scene into a circular image surrounded by a black frame as an effect.

Non-circular fish eyes lenses also distort the image but never exceeding 180° vision. They are more alike to a wide-angle lens and its angle varies between 107º and 120º vision. Although the image they form is not circular, it is still a very attractive effect.

With these lenses, you can give to your photographs a surrealism touch. They are very useful lenses to get out of the routine and show a scenario used to seeing always the same, from a totally different point of view.

In some wide-angle and also in fisheye, the front is semi-spherical and extremly curved, which makes it impossible to use filters on the front. Therefore, some manufacturers choose to locate the filter ring behind the lens.

The fisheye lens is also used by professional photographers, to make certain shots in wedding photography. Especially at the exit of the church, when you take a general plane where you can see the church, the guests, the bride and groom, the floor and the sky.

Fish Eye Lens In Portraits

Using this lens To Make Portrait Photography generates a very fun effect caused by deformation on the faces. You can play to generate exaggerated and grotesque forms, especially if you place the camera very close to the face.

Look At The Sky!

Looking at the sky or the ceiling, with a fisheye lens, gives us the feeling that buildings and trees are watching us and are about to be dropped on us. If in turn, the buildings are of a bizarre architecture, the effect achieved will be more impressive.

Indoors With Fisheye Lens

The effects caused in indoors with a fisheye are very attractive.  The amount and proximity of the elements to the camera guarantee an exacerbated effect.  Looking always for geometry would be an equally interesting resource.

If you like to make creative photos, with shapes aberration, without a doubt this is a lens for you. They are very bright lenses with a very short focal length – 4.5 mm to 16 mm – making it very easy to focus in manual mode.

If you do not have a fisheye lens … Do not worry! It is an effect that you can also create by editing with Photoshop or several photography applications on your smartphone. However, it does not have the same magic as achieving it at the time of capture.

Fisheye is a  lens with which you will get a lot of fun. Above all, you will be delighted with the effect it generates and the images you can get with it. Obviously, it is not the first lens you should buy to take classic photographs. However, you can consider buying it later.

Expand the small interiors. Magnify the old landscapes and transform them into immense landscapes. Surprise others with the breadth of their angles in your new photographs. And reward the fisheye lens with your imagination. Your new photos will be fun and with a super artistic touch!

Finally, we leave you At Tumblr’s Gallery so you can get inspired looking at photographs obtained with the fisheye lens. And if you want to learn more photographic effects like this, you can also visit Our Category “Effects”.


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