A photo-canned! What is it?

A photo-canned is a photo that is “cooked” inside a metal can, so it has no lens, viewfinder, or trigger! The light enters through a small hole-PINHOLE-forming the image on a sensitive paper.

The Photo-canned creators are Marinela Forcadell and Lola Barcia, they are Spanish and from their very first image cooked inside a can, the passion together with the practice has formed them as an artistic and technical team working in the same direction.They don’t shoot photos, they “cook” photos. They know the digital camera and the large storage capacity than a single memory card can have; the possibilities of light, focus, retouching and instantaneity. However, they like to cook each image and choose the frame. They like feeling the time and developing it by themselves; they pamper their photographs in every way!

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You can know more about their technique on their official page: www.fotolateras.com


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