When we think of portrait photography, we usually imagine a single person, posing for the camera, in the middle or foreground. However, the genre of the photographic portrait involves a lot of artistic properties used to express the physical or moral qualities of the model portrayed. Let’s start with the best portrait photography tips, and also, of course, discover together the best portrait photographers.


In Portrait Photography

For those who want to take portrait photography, they should know it is not just about focusing the model in the middle of the picture. If you really want to create something distinguishing and excels, it will be absolutely necessary you take great care of the composition in your new photographs.

The composition can mark the difference between an incredible image and one without any merit, as in the other photography genres. You will have to fill your portraits with originality to keep them away from the hackneyed shots, however without overshadowing the model.

For example, taking care it does not detract from the model, you can include a supportive image to complement it.

Another resource, extensively used by the great portraitists, would be to leave a space in the frame where to look at. This is done by leaving the model on one side of the frame and looking towards the opposite side.

We could also zoom in the shot enough to our model so that it is not seen any environment where he/she is. This effect, when done well, is very attractive increasing the expressiveness of the portrayed. On the contrary, if the background has good potential obviously we will take advantage of it.

Equipment Needed

To Make Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is often much more dazzling when the image is perfectly sharp. Therefore, you must choose a lens that contributes to that image quality.

A fixed 50 mm focal lens would be the right one for portraits. Limited regarding versatility, however, is usually a very good investment if you want to dedicate exclusively to portrait photography.

Portrait Photography Tips

# The Focus

It is very unaesthetic to contemplate a portrait where the model is not well focused. The right approach always contributes to a well-defined portrait and the model portrayed will draw much more attention.

All parts of a face; hair, nose, eyes, lips are the ingredients showing how a person is. Of all of them, the most important are the eyes: the golden rule of portrait photography is always to focus on the eyes.

Portrait Photography Tips

# Depth Of Field

It is customary in portraits to use shallow depth of field. This technique results in a visually richer image.

Remember that we will have the shallow depth of field when using open diaphragm openings. As an effect, we can completely defocus any element that appears ahead and behind the focused model.

Using large diaphragm apertures will also help bring enough light to the camera without sacrificing the shutter speed and running the risk of the pictures moving.

Avoid all that it would seem unnatural because it will be reflected in the images and it will look false. Instead, always look for realism and naturalness. Always keep in mind that the fundamental thing about portrait photography is they can convey the desired message. The emotions and qualities of the personality of your models should emerge in your new photographs.

Just “Click” On The Names And Discover
The Best Portrait Photographers In The World.

Steve McCurry  Lee Jeffries   Joey Lawrence 

Brandon Stanton   Raquel López-Chicheri

Josh Wool  Tamara Lichtenstein  Zack Arias

Lidia Vives  Chris Schoonover  Jack Davison

Michael Woloszynowicz  Berta Vicente

Brian Ingram  Valiente Verde

Katrin Viil David Möller

Eric Lafforgue  Jimmy Nelson  Lisa Kristine

Réhahn  Manny Librodo  David Lazar

Phil Borges  Joel Santos  Sam Wan

Jason Cordova  Sammi Swar

Rachel Kyiwku  Caerus  Luiz Claudio

Cristina Otero Deen Schroeder

Hasan Baran Özkan Blackout

As we always say, there is a world out there waiting to be photographed! Take your cameras and go in search of your new portraits. 


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